Curbside Drop-Off

To help keep you, your cat, and our team safe, all appointments are currently being conducted by curbside drop-off. Read on for how these appointments work.


1. Before your visit...

Get an appointment

Appointments are required for all curbside drop-offs. Currently, the best way to get an appointment is by calling during our business hours.

Fill out your paperwork

Before your visit, make sure you fill out the Drop Off Exam Form as well as any other required paperwork.

RequiredFill out Drop-Off Form
If this is your first visitFill out New Client Form
See all client forms

2. When you arrive...

Park as close as you can

Our Tustin location has ample parking near the front door. In Marina del Rey, try to park as close to Susie Cakes or Wahoos as you can.

(If you have to park farther away at either location, we ask that you turn your car's hazard lights on to help us find you when we come out.)

Call our front desk to check-in

Once you've parked, just give our front desk a call to let us know you're here. Then, sit tight.

Tustin: (949) 733-2287

Marina del Rey: (310) 773-9286

Your cat must be in a carrier

All cats must be transported in a carrier, both for their protection, as well as the safety of our staff. If you do not already have a carrier, please discuss this with our team ahead of time.

3. During the appointment...

We'll bring your cat inside

When we’re ready for you, a technician will come out to your car to bring your cat & carrier inside for the examination. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are only allowing staff inside our hospitals.

You can wait in your car

During your cat’s exam, you may wait comfortably in your car, or go run another quick errand if you'd like. Just make sure you keep your phone nearby.

4. After the appointment...

We'll call to go over results

As soon as we're done, someone on our team will call to go over the results and get any relevant approvals.

(Please note, it might not always be the doctor calling you directly)

We'll bring your cat back out

Once your bill is squared away, we’ll bring your cat, carrier, and invoice out to your car. We will also disinfect the carrier before handing it back to you.

You can pay at your car

We'll bring a mobile credit card machine out to your car so you can pay curbside. Alternatively, you can pay by check. We will continue to take some payments over the phone as well. (During the COVID-19 crisis, we are temporarily not accepting cash as a precautionary measure)