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Office Visits

Vets focused on cats

Regular office visits are an important first step in a preventative care plan, as they help surface any issues before they become medical problems. Different types of cats need different kinds of care depending on their age, and we offer exams for all of them. Our team can help you determine what's the right type for you, including several different types of consultations.
In every visit, we:
  • Record weight
  • Check ears
  • Inspect teeth
  • Measure heart rate
  • Listen to you


Complete oral care

Studies have found that over 70% of cats have dental issues. Gone untreated, poor dental health can have major impacts on a cat’s overall health. As bacteria from tartar and plaque buildup make their way into the bloodstream, internal organs can be impacted. We offer a full range of dental procedures, from cleanings to extractions, and even new anesthesia-free options.
We offer:
  • Special anesthesia-free cleanings
  • Regular cleanings
  • Digital X-rays
  • Extractions
  • Oral surgery
  • Creating maintenance plans
We are equipped with gas anesthesia machines, and anesthetic monitoring that includes blood pressure, ECG, oxygen monitoring (pulse oximetry) and capnography.


Kitty pampering services

Cats typically do a good job cleaning themselves, but sometimes you want to give them a hand (or you just don't want them chewing on yours). And that's where we come in – we can do just about anything, from general washes, flea-control, to shaves. Just no poodle cuts.
We offer:
  • Shampooing
  • Shaving
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Comb outs
  • Soft Paws® application

Onsite services

Save time with onsite services


An important tool for preventing illness and disease, we offer safe and effective vaccines.


We offer cat-specific medications as well as special compounded meds that are easy to administer.

Lab Work

We can do many types of bloodwork, fecal exams, and urinalysis right in-house.

X-Ray & Ultrasound

Our digital equipment can help us see what's going on inside your cat.

Laser Therapy

Great for post-surgery recovery, reducing inflammation, or for treating arthritis.


Consult our cat experts

Senior Care

As cats age, they need more specialized care. We work with you to slow down their clock, and prevent many types of common issues that can come up as they get older.


If your cat is peeing or pooping outside the litter box, eating foreign objects, acting aggressively, or generally plotting to take over the world... we can help you come up with a plan.

Weight Management

Studies find that over 50% of cats are overweight or obese. We work with you to tailor a weight loss program to your cat’s needs.

Nutritional Planning

No matter if your cat has a chronic condition like diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, or kidney disease, we can develop nutritional plans.

Medical Services

A full-service hospital

Internal Medicine

We manage chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, kidney and liver disorders.

Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis is never easy, but we can handle many different types of treatment right in the hospital.


Mass and tumor removal, bladder surgery, foreign body removal, and more. All of our surgical patients receive EKG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure monitoring.

Spay / Neutering

Not only does spaying or neutering your cat reduce accidental pregnancies, it has also been shown to reduce the presence of some diseases, infections, and behavioral issues.


Goodies for your cat... and you


Therapeutic diets from Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, & more.


A selection of engaging toys to keep your cat active & entertained.

Kitty Grass

Legal in all 50 states. And all cats love it.

Cat Trees

Custom designed, right for your home.