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Big updates for Marina del Rey: New doctor, improved experience, and a new name!

October 26, 2018

We have some big changes to announce for our Marina del Rey clients!

We have a fantastic new doctor.

We know that having a good relationship with your cat’s vet is crucial, and that you need to be able to get to know them over time. So it’s important to have caring doctors who are regularly available.

So, if you haven’t met her already, we’re really excited to introduce you to our full-time veterinarian, Dr. Kate Blair.

We spent a great deal of time looking for a doctor to join our team. We focused on finding someone who had the right mix of fantastic attitude, genuine love of cats, and a willingness to relocate to LA. We could not be happier to have found Dr. Blair, and since she started last year, client reviews have been nothing less than spectacular.

Dr. Blair was terrific, attentive, and patient as is everyone at this clinic.

Sylvia, ★★★★★ on Yelp

Dr. Blair is the best vet in the world. She is so meticulous, patient and kind, and she truly loves cats. You can just tell that her work is her passion.

Antonella, ★★★★★ on Yelp

You can learn more about Dr. Blair here, or by getting to know her on your next visit!

The experience has improved. A lot.

When Dr. Elston took over sole ownership of the practice, he made it a goal to dramatically improve the experience of coming to see us. So, we’ve been actively listening to feedback and making a number of important improvements behind the scenes. This included changes to our hiring criteria, internal policy changes, as well as staff training. We still have a lot we plan to do, but we’re happy to share that client satisfaction has gone up a staggering 297% since we started measuring!

Customer Satisfaction in Marina del Rey has gone up 297%

Not only is it the highest customer satisfaction we’ve ever measured, it also puts us up towards the top of the veterinary industry as a whole. All thanks to the thoughtful feedback shared by our clients in our regular surveys.

We’re changing our name to T.H.E. Cat Hospital.

With the addition of Dr. Blair and the major improvements we’ve made over the past few years, clients have said to us “it feels like a new practice in here.”

So, to mark that change, we’re doing something unusual – we’re changing our name from “T.H.E. Westside Cat Practice” to “T.H.E. Cat Hospital” and officially becoming a second location of Dr. Elston’s award-winning hospital in Tustin. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – this will just make it easier for us to share resources, and makes it more clear that you can expect fantastic experiences no matter which practice you visit.

This process will take us a few months to complete, so you may still see our old name in a few places for a little while. But you can update your address book with our new email address and website.