Introducing Dr. Elston & Dr. Blair cat toys!

January 23, 2020

On a fairly regular basis, we find ourselves wishing we could clone Dr. Blair and Dr. Elston. And many of our clients feel the same way.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce our new Dr. Elston & Dr. Blair cat toys!

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What are the toys made of?

Durable Cotton Canvas

The toys are made of a durable cotton canvas material that was specifically chosen to help it stand up to the bites and kicks your cat is sure to inflict upon it. It’s a soft material that encourages play, while being more resistant to punctures and shredding than your average cat toy.

Catnip & Crinkles

No cat toy is complete without catnip, so ours includes a dash or two. And in order to stimulate other senses, we’ve included a material inside that makes a delightful crinkle noise.


Where can I get one?

They are currently available in our Marina del Rey location.

How much do they cost?

$9.99 each.

Do all cats go crazy for catnip?

Surprisingly, no. Studies on the subject vary, but roughly 20% of cats actually don’t seem to be affected by catnip. If your kitty doesn’t start bouncing off the walls when exposed to catnip, you may have success sprinkling powdered Silver Vine on their toys.

Will these toys last forever?

No toy is indestructible. These are made from durable materials, but it is still possible for a cat to tear them. All cats play differently, with some being more aggressive than others. We recommend you always supervise playtime, and remove the toy from your pets if any of the stuffing becomes exposed.

Can the toys be cleaned?

We recommend only spot cleaning when absolutely necessary, and not running the toy through your washer. As there is catnip inside the toy, it can be spoiled if the toy is submerged in water.

Are the toys also meant for children or dogs?

No. While the materials used within the toy are the same non-toxic materials used in plush toys for children, they were specifically designed with cats in mind. Because of the small size of the toys, it’s best to keep them out of reach of both small children and dogs.

Toys designed by Vetfini

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