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5 ways to keep your cat calm and safe during fireworks

Many people don’t think cats are as affected by fireworks as dogs. But that’s because dogs tend to come to their owners for protection, whereas cats are more likely to hide – making their distress less visible. As you get... Read More.
Hospital News

Congratulations to our Photo Sweepstakes winners!

During our our recent #HealthyCatsHappyLives Photo Sweepstakes, we received almost 200 amazing entries. We’re going to be sharing some of our favorites on Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow us there to see if... Read More.
Hospital News

Snap a cute picture in our new photo booth!

We’re happy to share we have a fancy new photo booth in our Marina del Rey location. Next time you bring your cat in for a regular office exam, why not snap a silly picture with them? When you post... Read More.
Common Issues

5 surprising misconceptions about hairballs in cats

While a common part of life with any cat, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding hairballs. Here are 5 of them.... Read More.
Silly Stuff

Under-Cats: Fall in love with cats from an entirely new perspective.

If you’re like us, you already love cats from every single adorable angle. And thanks to photographer Andrius Burba, we can fall in love with an entirely new perspective. ... Read More.
Common Issues

Can you spot these 7 subtle signs of dental disease? Recognize them and help your cat live a longer life.

Cats are so good at hiding their dental pain that many owners never know they’re suffering from any. Learn about some of the subtle signs to watch for.... Read More.