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How we’re handling COVID-19 at T.H.E. Cat Hospital

Our furry friends can be a great source of comfort, particularly during times of stress and uncertainty. But while it seems like the whole world has been put on hold, your cat may still need medical care for any number... Read More.
How To's

How to brush your cat’s teeth (with Video)

Just the idea of brushing their cat’s teeth can be intimidating for a lot of people. In this article, we break down a few steps that make the whole process a lot less scary.... Read More.
Common Issues

Plaque & Tartar: An Illustrated Guide

Plaque and tartar are words we hear all the time when it comes to our own dental care. But did you know they play a big role in the overall health of your cat too? Read more to see how.... Read More.
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Introducing Dr. Elston & Dr. Blair cat toys!

On a fairly regular basis, we find ourselves wishing we could clone Dr. Blair and Dr. Elston. And many of our clients feel the same way. That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce our new Dr. Elston & Dr. Blair... Read More.
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Introducing T.H.E. Cat Hospital Catnip Crinkle Toys

Here at T.H.E. Cat Hospital, we’re dedicated to helping cats live long, healthy, happy lives. And while that of course means we stay up to date on the latest advancements in feline medicine, it also means we keep an eye... Read More.

Are Easter lilies poisonous to cats?

Easter lilies are extremely poisonous to cats. Even if your cat just drinks some Easter lily vase water, they can go into acute kidney failure and die within a few days. So it’s very important to be careful when choosing plants for your home.... Read More.
Marina del Rey

T.H.E. Westside Cat Practice is now T.H.E. Cat Hospital

As we’ve shared previously, we’ve been hard at work improving the customer experience in our Marina del Rey location. And after a few months of work, we’re happy to announce that our name change is final. We are now the... Read More.
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The 20 most popular cat names in Southern California

Naming your cat presents a unique challenge for many people. You have a fuzzy new member of your household, so do you give them a cutesy name like Kitty Fru Fru, a human-sounding name like Steven, name them after a... Read More.
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Big updates for Marina del Rey: New doctor, improved experience, and a new name!

We have some big changes to announce for our Marina del Rey clients! We have a fantastic new doctor. We know that having a good relationship with your cat’s vet is crucial, and that you need to be able to... Read More.